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Between Genius and Madness

Between Genius and Madness

Chess Focuses to Improve Your Game

If you want to put your best pawn forward in every chess game or match, it is wise to learn the fundamentals of the arena. Most players start off with the central basics of the board. They learn each piece, how they move and the rules of the checkered road before they begin. A few […]

How to Speak the Language of Chess

Learning the game of Chess typically begins with identifying each piece and their movement patterns. The regal court have their roles to play with the common goal of crossing enemy lines and capturing their King. The dynamic results of strategy define the next line of offense or defense by the opposing player. Unlike simpler board […]

Playing Chess By Numbers

The game of Chess challenges the mind with a balance of strategic thinking and patience. The Chess Pattern of possibilities are endless among the pieces on the board. With 32 pieces to move and 64 squares to plan out, the mathematical odds of each potential reaches a new level of projection. Most typical Chess players […]

Can Children Play Chess?

Popular games for children typically include vibrant rainbows of color and fun characters to move along the board. They encourage educational purposes such as counting, spelling and sportsmanship.

The Different Personalities of Chess Boards

Chess is a fine art of strategy, technique and keen observance. It is often likened to having the same premise as a board game. By definition, a board game is any play on a surface such as checkers or Monopoly.

Why Chess is Not “Just” a Game

When you think of Chess, you either imagine a classic board game or a throne of strategy. Board games are a popular way to spend an evening with friends and family. Dice is thrown, colorful pieces are moved and picking up a card tell you your next move. The game session generally ends with a […]

Russian Domination of the Chess World

There have been many fantastic chess players from all over the world. Some of these players were child prodigies who attained the level of grandmaster while at a very young age of 15 or younger. Over the years there have been many especially talented chess players coming out of Russia. Russia has really dominated the […]

Child Prodigy Chess Masters

A child can be a chess prodigy. These individuals are able to beat many adult chess players. A way to determine if a child really is a chess master is to examine the age at which they attained the level of chess grandmaster. There are many great chess players that have reached this status at […]

Who was Bobby Fisher?

Bobby Fisher was a Chess Grandmaster. He was born in America in 1943 in Chicago. He was, in fact, the youngest grandmaster at the time, being awarded the title at the tender age of 15. Bobby actually started playing chess at the age of 6 years and showed a natural aptitude for the game.  He […]