10 Places to Play Chess Online

10 Places to Play Chess Online

One way to become an expert chess player is to play the game online with other opponents at various levels regularly. Here are top online platforms where you can play the game of chess:

1. Internet Chess Club

The Internet Chess Club is a chess playing site where you get the opportunity to play with other professional players, titled players and grandmasters. If you are looking for where to sharpen your playing skill to become an expert, then you need to need the ICC site. You will get to play with stronger and more experienced opponents. The membership at the Internet Chess Club is not free, but you will get a month of the free trial period to use the site.


2. Chess.com

The Chess.com website is the best online platform where you can play chess for free. The site has an astonishing 11 million members. You can play live chest at different time controls, or style games with days for each move. Although the primary membership on chess.com is free, to get access to significant training, statistics, and videos, you are required to pay a membership free.


3. Chess Cube

The Chess Cube is another platform where you can play chess for free online, at least at the basic membership level. There are over 1.4 million other members on the site. The site hosts hundreds of chess tournaments every day where players get to win cubits which is the online currency used on the site. You can spend your cubit earnings in the Chess Cube shop. The basic membership here is free, but there is a VIP membership reserved for paying customers.

4. Lichess

Lichess is a favorite open source chess server, and it is free to you. Being an open source, you can include it on your personal website. The site provides different modes of chess games for online players as well as training, and daily competitions. A good number of experts and titled players get to play here too. Winners in the Lichess competitions get to earn the Lichess Mater title attached to their username.

5. Free Internet Chess Server

Free Internet Chess Server is one of the earliest chess servers on the internet. Initially, it was set up to bet a free version of Internet Chess Club, when the chess club began to charge membership fees from members.  There is no official interface; you only need to download a compatible interface to play.

6. Playchess.com

This site is managed by Chess Base, who is the creator of the most popular chess database software. When compare with Internet Chess Club, Playchess.com has a fewer number of expert players but the site is fully integrated into the ChessBase database software and features other ChessBase programs.


7. Game Knot

Game Knot has well over a million members that come to the site to play chess free. It is one of the most substantial correspondence only sites for chess fans and players. The website’s interface is smart and it comes with other features such as a database for games and trainings.


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