Month: March 2018

Best Chess Players of All Time

Chess is a game that requires a lot of smart moves and intelligence. Being a good chess player needs a lot for a lot of practice with other expert players. This post will outline some of the best chess players of all times. It may not match your ratings, but these people have carved a […]

10 Places to Play Chess Online

One way to become an expert chess player is to play the game online with other opponents at various levels regularly. Here are top online platforms where you can play the game of chess: 1. Internet Chess Club The Internet Chess Club is a chess playing site where you get the opportunity to play with […]

How to Play Chess

So you are interested in playing the strategic game of chess. Let us look at the basic rules and process involved in playing this unique game. Setup Your Game While setting up your board, you should bear in mind that there is always a  square in white closest to the right side of each player. […]