Month: May 2018

How Playing Chess is Good for You

Chess is a game which requires you to think. This means that playing chess exercises your brain. In fact, playing chess has been shown to increase brain growth. The brain consists of millions of nerve cells called neurons. These cells all connect to each other by means of branches called dendrites. The more of these […]

Tips for Mastering Chess

Chess is one of the most popular and fun mind games in the world. Chess is so popular that there are countless tournaments all over the world where men and women compete to see who the best in the world at this game is truly.  You can find a chess board even in the most […]

How Chess Can Help You in Everyday Life

So, we’ve already learnt that chess can make you smarter and improve your brain power, but how do you apply that knowledge to your everyday life? It’s not immediately obvious how skills gained through playing chess can help you out in day to day tasks. Some skills will have a practical application whereas others will […]

Chess and War Strategy

Nowadays, this game of chess is so popular all around the world. It is often taught in schools to even the youngest of participants. This sport is so popular because it allows everyone to enjoy it, no matter the age or skill level. The chess champions are considered superstars in the sport community in their […]