Month: June 2018

How to Make Your Own Chess Board

Making a chess board can seem a very challenging task. However, with some simple steps, this need not be the case. A chess board consists of 64 squares, 32 of which are dark and 32 of which are light. You will need straight wood and a saw. There are few chessboards that are more attractive […]

The Significance Behind Each Chess Piece

Chess is a game that is quite complex, and the different pieces all have meaning. Basically, chess is a battlefield in which various chess pieces fight it out. The chess pieces include a king, queen, bishops, knights, rooks, and pawns. There is a total of 16 pieces at the start of the chess game. Of […]

Where to Buy a Proper Chessboard

The game of chess is one that dates back centuries and is enjoyed by both young and old all around the world. It is widely considered a sport of the mind and the chess champions are considered genuine superstars in the intellectual community. The ancestor of this sport can be traced back in Ancient Egypt. […]