The game of Chess challenges the mind with a balance of strategic thinking and patience. The Chess Pattern of possibilities are endless among the pieces on the board. With 32 pieces to move and 64 squares to plan out, the mathematical odds of each potential reaches a new level of projection. Most typical Chess players will not take the time to compute the millions of equations that would pertain to the game, however with computer diagnostics there is a new field to explore. Unless you memorize every numerical Chess fact, the data is more fascinating and intriguing than they are helpful.

The Intriguing Aspects of Chess

Chess and numbers seem to go hand in hand as they are both aspects of the mind or eye. Connecting these two factors with diverse skill levels sums up the process. Most Chess patterns are theoretical with a side of plausible, yet there a few that are proven as fact.

Chess Moves in Succession

Two players and one board require the pair to take turns. The first Move will be a pawn or a knight due to the starting placement of the pieces. The next move is still limited until an opening for pieces such as the bishop, rook or queen have a clear path. After each turn, the options for a next move increases exponentially. Starting off with an average of 400 potential placements after the first round of turns, it quickly escalates to 318 Billion after only 4 turns.

Chess Patience

Chess games can go as quickly as a few minutes and last all the way up to years depending on the pace. Official tournaments have different rules than casual play letting Chess enthusiasts set their own timers. The longest games on record were between 237 and 269 moves. It is said the maximum number of possible moves in one Chess game is 5,949. If you are not a patient person, there are 8 possible ways to have a checkmate after the first turn and 355 after the second.

Chess Patience
Chess Patience

Interesting Chess Tidbits

Most Chess games are in close quarters opposite of the board. One special game had a long distance arrangement. An astronaut played against an elementary Chess team from outer space. Although it was completed on the planet, Team Earth won the game. Astronauts are not the only ranked players, it is also a known fact that code breakers during the war played several games in between transmissions. Chess games were not always on the right side of the law. In 1973, the police in Cleveland arrested a Chess Tournament director and confiscated all of the Chessboards and accused pieces along with him. They stated the Chess gathering was a gambling ring as the winner was awarded cold hard cash (or a cold written check).

To some, Chess may seem like a mundane or dull way to spend a few hours. To us Chess fanatics, there is no better way to greet the day. Chess is an interesting, stimulating and inspiring way to exercise both  the mind and your spirit.