Chess is a fine art of strategy, technique and keen observance. It is often likened to having the same premise as a board game. By definition, a board game is any play on a surface such as checkers or Monopoly.

It is difficult to place chess in a colorful roll the dice category as it holds historical value and significance. An attribute that keeps Chess in its own elite status is the style of chess sets you can find. The game itself is a timeless classic. Varying pieces and Chess boards are highly sought in an array of materials and craftsmanship.

Chess Board Era

Depending on your personal preferences, you can opt for a specified era to compliment your Chess skills. Popular versions include the gothic or medieval periods, original Asian designs and modern expressions. In effort to represent the time of reflection, the pieces are formed in themes. The curvature of the pieces places an emphasis on each figure. They may take on different personas such as an army from the Kings court or shapes of mystical legends. They will however keep their origins as the Rooks, Knights, Bishops, Pawns and of course the King and Queen. Popularized movies have become a new way to play chess with settings from Hogwarts and middle Earth that appeal to enthusiasts.

Material Moves

The materials used to achieve the particular style or design holds a plethora of opportunities. Chess is viewed as a centerpiece versus a game that is tucked away in your closet. You will find foldaway types for the players who enjoy a game here or there. Avid Chess players tend to display their set up as an integral part of the room’s décor. For this purpose, you will note marble is a favorite alongside glass, wood and certain metals. These heavier pieces are made to last and have an aesthetic elegance you will not find in other games. Machine made pieces are manufactured from molds and presses while you can also find unique hand carved Chess pieces to add to your collection.

Chess Innovation

When it comes to chess boards, there is generally two versions to choose from. Table top and a Chess table both have many styles that accompany them. Designers have added a creative twist with a touch of innovation to the game of Chess. The table top treasures are set in many different materials and types. Clever pedestals or standard legs offer foundational balance yet maintain continuity with the board atop. Table top games are the most common found in homes today. They are quick to set up with accommodations that make it easy to travel with.

Chess InChess Innovationnovation

The most modern of chess games is found online with the capability to play other players via the internet or volley against the computer itself. This is a savvy way to sharpen your Chess skills as you are able to select the level of difficulty. Despite technological times, most continue to prefer to have a physical Chess board and pieces to honor its history and maintain its classic status around the world.