How to Make Your Own Chess Board

Making a chess board can seem a very challenging task. However, with some simple steps, this need not be the case. A chess board consists of 64 squares, 32 of which are dark and 32 of which are light. You will need straight wood and a saw. There are few chessboards that are more attractive […]

The Significance Behind Each Chess Piece

Chess is a game that is quite complex, and the different pieces all have meaning. Basically, chess is a battlefield in which various chess pieces fight it out. The chess pieces include a king, queen, bishops, knights, rooks, and pawns. There is a total of 16 pieces at the start of the chess game. Of […]

Where to Buy a Proper Chessboard

The game of chess is one that dates back centuries and is enjoyed by both young and old all around the world. It is widely considered a sport of the mind and the chess champions are considered genuine superstars in the intellectual community. The ancestor of this sport can be traced back in Ancient Egypt. […]

How Playing Chess is Good for You

Chess is a game which requires you to think. This means that playing chess exercises your brain. In fact, playing chess has been shown to increase brain growth. The brain consists of millions of nerve cells called neurons. These cells all connect to each other by means of branches called dendrites. The more of these […]

Tips for Mastering Chess

Chess is one of the most popular and fun mind games in the world. Chess is so popular that there are countless tournaments all over the world where men and women compete to see who the best in the world at this game is truly.  You can find a chess board even in the most […]

How Chess Can Help You in Everyday Life

So, we’ve already learnt that chess can make you smarter and improve your brain power, but how do you apply that knowledge to your everyday life? It’s not immediately obvious how skills gained through playing chess can help you out in day to day tasks. Some skills will have a practical application whereas others will […]

Chess and War Strategy

Nowadays, this game of chess is so popular all around the world. It is often taught in schools to even the youngest of participants. This sport is so popular because it allows everyone to enjoy it, no matter the age or skill level. The chess champions are considered superstars in the sport community in their […]

History of the Game of Chess

The origin of the game of chess can be traced back to almost 1500 years ago, although there is no particular story of its origin. When it comes to its origin, a lot of people assume that the game of chess initially started from China because Chinese version of chess was invested as early as […]

Best Chess Players of All Time

Chess is a game that requires a lot of smart moves and intelligence. Being a good chess player needs a lot for a lot of practice with other expert players. This post will outline some of the best chess players of all times. It may not match your ratings, but these people have carved a […]

10 Places to Play Chess Online

One way to become an expert chess player is to play the game online with other opponents at various levels regularly. Here are top online platforms where you can play the game of chess: 1. Internet Chess Club The Internet Chess Club is a chess playing site where you get the opportunity to play with […]